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If there are children near by tell them not to look, I'd hate to frighten them. This is what has been happening to me every night since Christmas. This is a particularly bad night. So you see why I haven't been in the mood to blog? You may not understand why I haven't been reading though. Us bookworms usually turn to books for escape and perspective all the more during difficulties. Usually that is the case for me but there have been a couple times in my life when I just didn't feel like reading. When I broke my elbows, (once the pain went down and I got off the Percocet, and my sister bought me a bookstand, I was reading a book a day) when I was hospitalized and put on bed rest for preterm labor, and for the first month when Sophie was in the NICU I mostly only wanted to read books on prematurity and the like. Have any of you ever just didn't feel like reading for a significant amount of time?
Oh, so the face, after some hoopla with the doctors I have found out its my thyroid. Every night I break out in hives. Itchy nasty hives ever since Christmas. I'm still waiting to see an endocrinologist to find out what we're going to do. That appointment isn't until April 9th. If only I could show him this picture and tell him what I go through every night maybe he'd see me sooner. Probably not.

Edit: It isn't my thyroid giving me hives or making my face and hands swell. It's my immune system of course, which is also attacking my thyroid. Poor thyroid, its already having a hard enough time and then I accuse her of doing all this.
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SAHM the Libby
Jane Sophia Isabel
March 18, 2009, 3 pds 6 oz.
Ten weeks early.

March 12, 2010, 15 pds, 3 oz, enjoying a birthday cupcake.

I was warned that there would be moments when it would all come rushing back. I had no idea. Whoosh! All at once you let go. You didn't even know you were holding your breath. She's gonna be okay, she's gonna be okay.

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world.
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SAHM the Libby
Doesn't have the same ring does it? eh

Pronunciation: \ˈcher-ē\

1 archaic : dear, treasured
2 : discreetly cautious: as a : hesitant and vigilant about dangers and risks b : slow to grant, accept, or expend

Merriam Webster's online dictionary

Write the new word on some post its and put them on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, the car radio, the baby's forehead, anywhere you're likely to see it. I remember some nineteen year old smart alec telling me on my twenty fifth birthday that our vocabulary stops growing at that age. Since then its been my goal to prove her wrong (see sour face here).