SAHM the Libby
Quick post- what I've been reading to catch up and get in the groove of things.

I don't think the relationship between Maggie and Tom was as important to the story as George Eliot thought it was. I also never cared much for Tom so I couldn't see why she did so much. He's the kind of guy your girlfriend starts dating and you think, 'uh oh,' but then you get to know him and think, 'Well I guess he's a good enough guy but I'd never date him, I'd end up hitting him over the head with a frying pan.'
This was a psychological novel, she was trying to say this had to be the outcome because these people could only act in this way. But I never really bought that because I could never understand why Maggie was so desperate for male attention. Her father loved her and was compassionate and affectionate with her so it never made sense for me. Perhaps it was just a flaw of her character but if so it makes me like her less. None of her suitors suited her it was just that they were there.
I loved Middlemarch and have read it twice, but this George Eliot didn't float my boat.